Video: Baleno and Auto Accident In Highway – Impact Caused Heavy Damage For Baleno – Tamilnadu


Baleno is top trending on videos related to stability of the structure, as the many accidents related to Baleno surfaces questions the durability of latest vehicles as they turn dangerous for the passengers. Videos has surfaced that front structure is completely damaged for all the impact and opposite vehicle doesn’t have any structural damage to the highest.

The Auto came into contact as the auto suddenly maneuvered today left from right lane without any indicators as the car was traveling in left lane. The sudden maneuver caused the accident and no sufficient time for the car driver to pull the brakes.

The light body of the baleno didnt have great impact on the auto and saved the passengers in the auto. As the auto was carrying passengers above the prescribed count as per Motor Vehicles Act. The video shows the danger of carrying more passengers in a three wheeler.

Thanks to the quick decision of the driver, the accident is avoided. You can watch the video provided the above about the impact and danger while riding in overcrowded vehicle irrespective of type.

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