Dark Desire Trending No.4 In Netflix India Intimate and Suspenseful


Dark Desire, the latest addition in Netflix Library is talk of town in India ranking no.4 for the week. The Dark Desire is an intimate and suspenseful web series released in the year 2020. Dark Desire Web Series is recommended for age greater that 18, the content of Dark Desire is of violence, Sex, Nudity, Strong Language and Suicide. We recommend not to watch the series with family and kids, if you are planning to watch the series.

Dark Desire Season 1 contains 18 episodes and all the episodes for viewership in India. The Dark Desire is from the house of Netflix, genres of the series are Mexican TV Shows, Latin American TV Shows, TV Mysteries and TV Thrillers.

Dark Desire casts are Magali Boysselle, Erik Hayser, etc.

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